Art Courses

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These courses are designed as Comprehensive Home Study Plans which can be studied at the student's own pace in their own home.There are many options available from self study to tutor assessed to suit everyone'srequirements.  Jenny is a qualified teacher as well as an artist and has designed all the course content to develop skills in a structured manner which will help each student develop their full potential.  She offers friendly, constructive advice which is geared to each student's personal requirements. 

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Drawing - the foundation of so many creative pursuits is a fascinating and satisfying skill to learn. So many people think that the ability to draw is something one is born with. If you enrol on any of these courses you will soon discover that this is not the case. If you have the ability to hold a pencil and have a reasonable eyesight you can learn to draw! Learn to 'see' in a completely different way akin to the 'scales falling' from your eyes!

There are two parts to the Drawing for Pleasure Course and students may select to study one or both according to their needs.  Each lesson is structured to enable each student to develop their skills through a series of exercises culminating in an Assignment which the student completes and returns to Jenny for constructive assessment. If you would like to know more details, options available and prices click on the link to download a brochure or get in touch with Jenny by email:  or telephone 01759 302760 

Please download for details and enrolment form (47kb)

Calligraphy - the art of beautiful writing is a fascinating hobby which can be studied in the comfort of your own home. As a skilled practitioner your work will be in constant demand. Your social and professional life will be enhanced by your ability to produce attractive, well crafted work. There are so many applications for your new skill - greetings cards, wedding invitations, labels, menus, bookmarks, personalised intials, commemorative scrolls, letterheads, logos - an endless list.

Jenny has designed the course to be structured in such a way to allow a steady progression of skills to develop by working through the exercises in each lesson. At the end oeach lesson there is an Assignment to complete which is returned to Jenny for assessment and constructive criticism.  This then returned to you together with the next set of  lessons.

There are Beginner's, Intermediate and Advanced courses which can be studied as separate modules or as a Combined Comprehensive Course depending on the student's needs. Many options are available from Self Study to Tutor Assessed and if you would like to know more details as well as a price list please either download the brochure on the link below or email:  or telephone 01759 302760. 

Watercolour Painting - This course is designed for the student who has always wanted to paint in watercolour as well as those who already have experience. Techniques necessary for the application of colour will be explained so that you will be able to experience the true delights of this wonderful medium. Ways to avoid mixing 'muddy' colours are considered at length as well as experimenting with different ways of applying paint. Methods to enable you to produce a clean, vital and vibrant painting will be explained in a practical manner.

Lessons include line and wash, working from photographs, painting figures, buildings, landscapes, gardenscapes, flowers and textural special effects to help you enjoy painting with confidence.

All courses are available in many options and prices. Please include your postal address when emailing for a brochure to  or telephone 01759 302760

OR you may wish to download a brochure from the link below which includes an enrolment form to send to Jenny if you wish to enrol on one of the courses.